About Our Business

One of our biggest questions is how much does a restorations cost? Restoring an old classic,
regardless of model, is a very expensive proposition. It is also extremely time consuming process
that requires a considerable amount of skilled labor. It’s a big investment, eclipsed only by a home
owner's mortgage and a child's college education. Every auto is different. There is no way to
estimate what the cost will be.  Thats the difference between a body shop and a restoration shop.
Along with knowledge, know how, tools and experience, we can take care of your needs for your
restoration project.


Jim Anastosopolos                                                             Edward Thomson
Carthage, MO                                                                   Belton, MO
1-417-358-7062                                                                1-816-331-2293
64 Nova SS, 61 Impala                                                      51 Packard

William Felts                                                                     Mike St John
Afton, Oklahoma                                                               Highland, Illinois
1-918-782-3943                                                                 1-618-675-3408
66 Mustang Fastback                                                         70 Camaro

Chuck Webb                                                                     Randy Unrein
Rogers, Arkansas                                                               Racine, Wisconsin
1-479-203-0447                                                                 1-262-634-3923
32 Ford Roadster                                                               66 Nova SS

Richard Schanot                                                                 Jim Maness
Joplin, MO                                                                        Stella, MO
1-417-659-9645                                                                 1-417-628-3815
63 Impala SS                                                                     59 GMC Pickup

Scott Smith                                                                       Robert Brigden
Oklahoma City, OK                                                           Neosho, MO
1-405-692-7511                                                                 1-417-624-8613
69 Roadrunner                                                                   1979 Trans Am
Shop Location
10 Miles North of Joplin Missouri
80 miles West of Springfield Missouri

Owners: Steve & Mildred Van Slyke

Address: 420 East Street
PO Box 71
Webb City, MO 64870

Fax: (417)-673-7544
Email: info@ cvclassic.com
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