Our billing or invoicing is done by draws. Usually a down payment at the start
of the restoration in the amount of $5,000.00. When this money is gone, we
will invoice the progress of the auto and ask for another draw of $5,000.00 and
so on until completed. The restorations are calculated at an hourly rate. The
shop rate is $55.00 per hour, which includes shop supplies. All materials are
invoiced above shop rate. Customer can also set up a credit card to charge
materials too. This way customer saves mark up on materials as well as sales

When draws are billed, they are due upon receipt of invoice. We expect
prompt payment or work will stop until payment is made. This also causes
delays in the time factor to finish the job. If you take more than 30 days to
furnish additional money, a above normal fee for storage may be charged as
well as interest on the balance.

Effective 4-1-09 Due to the economy the banks are being very cautious on any
out of town checks wrote for large amounts. There being sent for collections
before they are deposited. Which usually takes 5-7 days. Which makes it hard
on us. We wait usually a week to receive funds and then another before they
make it good. So as of 4-1-09 I'm asking deposits be paid through wire
transfers. Your bank will wire money to ours. We can give you all the
information necessary to do this.

Before work is started a work order and default agreement is signed by the
customer authorizing work to be done at an hourly rate.

•Our restorations are done in phases depending on what the customer wants.
•All our frame-off restorations are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
•All restorations have digital photos, from start to finish.

We would like customer to furnish insurance during the phases of restoration.
We carry insurance, but if there was a total destruction would it be enough.